Drone Photography ​Company

CQE Drone Photography ​Company is a FAA Part 107 Licensed Professional Aerial Photography Company.

Technology is ever changing and helps us in many fields. In the field of photography also it has contributed a lot. UAV or drone is one such invention of technology that can take aerial photos of the real estate from various angles from up to 400 ft. UAV stands for “unmanned aerial vehicle”. This is a low altitude close range aerial photography and it can give real estate sales agent an edge over their competitors. These aerial photos show the bird’s eye view of the property highlighting its surroundings and neighborhood.

So how would you decide on which aerial photography specialist to opt?
There is reputable Drone Photography Company available in the market offering drone photography. It is gaining popularity every day. One should have clarity in their mind of what exactly are they looking at, before hiring the services of a particular company. It could be different for every individual and every property. Here are the factors that to keep in mind:

  • UAV certification
    Make sure that you check that the Drone Photography​ Company has obtained the license to use the UAV equipment commercially. One has to obtain different certificates from CASA to be able to fly UAV under permissible limits and condition. It means that the operator has undergone the specific training required. It is important as you don't want to land up in any legal issues. It will be a good idea if you can check the necessary insurance required by the operator.

  • Customer satisfaction
    At the end of the day, if the customer is happy then that's the job well done. Look through the past assignment and see if the company can provide you with what is in your mind. Someone who can provide photos faster or someone who can be flexible with the client’s schedule can make or break the deal. See if your specific demand is met.

We are the most trusted and experienced Drone Photography Company in USA and assure you that you always get professional Aerial Photography from professional experts.